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Writing 2D Games in C using SDL by Thomas Lively

SDL, the Simple DirectMedia Layer, is the cross-platform game library used in everything from small indie games to Valve’s blockbuster triple-A games to other applications with rich media needs. This seminar will teach you how to use this powerful C library to write your own 2D games. We will talk about the structure of game code and cover the installation and initialization of the SDL library, the creation and management of the game window, how to draw images onto the window, and how to handle keyboard and mouse input. By the end of the seminar you will have created a small demo that you can later build on as much as you want.
Ignacio Nicolás Rodríguez : In general, good stuff. Just please pay a bit of attention and learn how to use the flags gotten from sdl2-config; the idea is that when you pass "--cflags" you put that on the c compiler flags, and "--libs" is for LDFLAGS (for the linker) that is the reason you get those warnings.
Henry N : you coudn't just leave a link in the desc
Locomotive Re44 : sudo apt install mono-devel
sudo apt install mflag
Герри Питт : Thanks, man! Really really helpful introduction to SDL!
abdulkerim yalçın : can you write a game using allegro library in c can you heelp men thanks
Harris crews : If you're on macOS and your window doesn't seem to be popping up (as it was not for me), it's because you need to poll for events. It seems that on the creation of the window there are a few events that are queued before the window appear event. So try something like this:

SDL_Event event;
bool isRunning = true;

while (isRunning) {
while (SDL_PollEvent(&event)) {
if (event.type == SDL_QUIT) {
isRunning = false;

instead of using the delay method. Hope this helps!
David Demelier : Please note that your makefile is not portable as it requires GNU make. Also the include convention is SDL.h not SDL/SDL.h.
RainingArtillery : This is for when C++ just doesn't bring enough tears and pain
Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto : damn lm about to watch this video.

what l was doing all this years?
Manuel Kvarda : I spend some time looking for lerning materal for game development wit C. I did not find annything useful. If i found something SDL based it was about C++ and not C. So is it just my personal preference which language i choose at the énd ? what are the benefits of using pure C insead of C++ with SDL ?

SDL Trados Studio 2019 번역 소프트웨어에서 문서를 번역하는 방법

이 튜토리얼은 SDL Trados Studio 2019 번역 소프트웨어에서 단일 문서를 소스 언어에서 타겟 언어로 번역하는 방법을 알려 줍니다.

SDL Trados Studio 2019의 새로운 기능 살펴보기:

프리랜서 번역가는 여기를 클릭:

번역 서비스 공급업체는 여기를 클릭:

기업 번역 부서는 여기를 클릭:

Game Development with SDL 2.0 (Steam Dev Days 2014)

This talk will offer a high-level overview of Simple Directmedia Layer 2.0. It will cover the features of the library and how it can make your game easier to build, port, improve and maintain.

Speaker: Ryan Gordon (Icculus)
Slides (PDF):
Slides (PowerPoint):
Thiago Cunha : "If you're still using Google+, it's time for you to revaluate your life period."
Jonathan Moore : If there are beginners here...
Check this out. Cheap courses and right back to basics... With c c++ all using SDL....

Even a bit of Linux in there too. Great teacher.
Iván Ospina : Is there a possibility to enable Auto-Closed Captions? I am not native english speaker so I usually lost the jokes this guy tell and so because the speed of his speaking.
Nikolay Nedkov : Using Mac on presentation for Game Development skip that shit ...
Levi D Smith : I really miss the days when you had to actually know what you were doing to make a game. These days, anyone can crap out a game in GameMaker in 30 minutes and call themself a game developer.
Lonke : OH YEAH? Well, Electron can do... some... of those things and at a BILLIONTH of the performance and 10000x the memory usage.
Josh Torres : 2019 and SDL is still a great little library to use.
samljer : Why have i not yet used SDL.... omfg.
Kinson Digital : Quick recommendation. Improve the website, documentation and adding of more quick samples to the documentation.
Kinson Digital : Very awesome. I have been taking on SDL2 (C# binding) and so far I love it. I have all the power to easily pull off what I want to for my game engine and tools!! Highly recommend!




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