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AD 05 CFV3V Train quittant Treignes destination MARIEMBOURG

l' AD 05, de type 030 T, construite par les Ateliers de la Meuse à Liège (B) en 1950, appartenant au CFV3V de Mariembourg (B), quitte Treignes (B), pour son trajet retour !
Vidéo: Christian Lelonge
du 09/06/2014

ARIA AD-05 // SOLO for Analog Delay & Patch Cable

SOLO for Analog Delay \u0026 Patch Cable
Dave Burdge REC : Sweet. I have one of these units and they're amazing.
Irdial : Noise is for heroes. Music is for zeros. And that isn't binary.
Jogging House : This is pretty cool.
Octavio P. : Really nice.

Aria AD-05 Analog Delay Input Jack Replacment

An old rack mounted delay which sounds awesome, I finally got around to replacing the input jack on it. Not a lot information out there
about these so here is a video.
Peren barn : what a great sound this thing makes. can't wait for my unit to arrive.




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