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Achieva Shimian 27" 2560x1440 Monitor (qh270)

For more info and links to buy one go here: http://teksyndicate.com/videos/achieva-shimian-27-2560x1440-monitor-overview

And yes, I know the title says 17". The first time I rendered it as 2650x1440, lol. I decided to leave it. It's a 27' monster. I didn't feel like rendering for a third time!
Bandaney : I have one! I have the matte one, it's amazing, zero dead pixels and just a little backlight bleed, not enough to bother one bit. I love it.
Phanbot01 : I was impressed with the ability to overclock these lcd's to 120Hz. guess I'll stick with the Dell.
Mac G. : Got my QH270 yesterday (ebay seller greensum) and this one is flawless aswell.
No dead pixels the picture is just excellent (wouldn`t want to go back to 1080p) and for ~ 220 quid with customs etc. certainly a steal.
Thinking about ordering another one, dual 27" would just be epic.
INUITNERD : That was for the previous generations of APU's, the new line supports Dual link DVI which is what the Shimian uses.
wildgoalife : amazing amount of input/output connections!

Budget Korean 27" IPS Monitor Achieva ShiMian QH270-IPSB

A quick look at one of the budget 27" korean IPS monitor.\r
The monitor in the video is the Achieva ShiMian QH270-IPSB\r
These Korean IPS monitors are absolutely value for money. Read the article I've written for more detailed information and comparison of these monitors.\r
Budget Korean 27" IPS Monitor: http://www.swiftworld.net/2012/04/14/budget-korean-27-ips-monitor-information-and-comparison-of-the-different-brands-and-models/\r
My review:
Swift World : From what I've looked at the specs, for the model you mentioned there is an additional VGA input and the overall design is slightly different. From the pictures it has a slightly brushed aluminium look to it. The tempered glass is mounted in a different manner as well.
iPOwLinda : hands down bro awesome review man! I can't thank you enough for the video and for shooting it in HD!
ok now some questions if you dont mind:
Does the glossy finish really bothers you? how do YOU control it?
is the "tempered glass " model just like the 27" cinema display as in the glass completely covers the screen? like theres no depth from bezel to screen?
which seller did you buy from?

thanks man!

Swift World : That sounds massively AWESOME! Do update or share some pics/vids of the rig once its completed!
Rice5phere : For those that want an incentive to buy this monitor, it is capable of displaying 10.7 billion colors whereas a lot of other (more expensive) IPS 1440p/2k monitors only display up to 12.7 million. That is a 3 fold difference. Getting this is pretty much getting 99.9% of an Apple Cinema display (retails $1000 therefore you're essentially saving 600 bucks on a quality monitor). 
Swift World : based on my experience so far all seems to be good. Not a competitive gamer though so my eyes aren't that trained to be fussy about such things.

Tried several games, BF3 should be the "fast" type of gaming.

Achieva Shimian QH270-IPSB Unboxing

Just a simple unboxing of the Achieva Shimian QH270-IPSB tempered glass. The monitor has been great so far and if you have any questions about it just send me a Youtube message or leave a comment with your question and ill get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for watching!
Jordan : Works great as long as the adapter supports 1440x2560
Jordan : Thanks, I would definitely recommend getting this monitor in tempered glass. Ill send you a link to a good place to buy them.
Ofir Inbar : thanks for your reply. Isn't the tempered glass version too glossy compared to the QH270-Lite one? is it possible to disassemble the tempered glass to clean possible dust and the reassemble it again?
Ofir Inbar : Many thanks for a great overview!
Jordan : You might be right, but I don't think so because I took part of the monitor apart and the panel said IPSB in the model number.




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