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Why the Edutige ETM-001 is a super versatile microphone

In this video you'll learn about our most popular microphone, the Edutige ETM-001 omnidirectional microphone. If you need a small, powerful microphone for your GoPro, DSLR or mirrorless camera, check out this video to learn just how versatile the ETM-001 is.

To buy an Edutige ETM-001 like in this video:
To buy a Sony A6500 used in this video:

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Carl will receive a small commission.
hellooxindra : Hi... If i use etm 001 (TRRS), can i use for GoPro etc?
Jeremiah Mcintosh : Looks like a great mic! I would love to test and review one of these mics on my channel!
One Man Wanders : Considering buying the 001, but what cable extention do I need to turn it into a lavalier mic? Will any male to female extention thing work?? Their cable doesn't seem to be available serperately in the UK
Alley Cat : Hi Carl. I have an issue with ETM-001. Watch the first few seconds of this video:

Can u advise me what went wrong there? I plugged it directly to my Sony RX100. Thanks a lot.
Tanakrit Kittiwarawut : I would like to know the difference between ETM 001 and 008
and other models with the approx same size

The Perfect GoPro Mic Edutige ETM-001 Microphone Review and Comparison With Rode Video Micro

The Perfect GoPro Mic Edutige ETM-001 Microphone Review and Comparison With Rode Video Micro
I have been in the process of trying to create the perfect GoPro vLogging rig and one of the main things I want is a small microphone that is high quality and sensitive because the GoPro only offers you very limited audio control.
Good: The Edutige ETM-001 is probably the smallest microphone that I have ever used and it delivers extremely high audio quality especially for its size and price. When you are shooting a with a small camera you want to be able to keep the over profile of your setup small especially when vLogging so you don't attract too much attention and get unatural reactions on camera.
Good: The ETM-001 is highly sensitive so there is plenty of audio gain. This is a really important when shooting with the GoPro Hero 7 Black because the only audio control you have in camera is to set the audio to Standard Mic+ which increases your gain by +20db which in most cases is way too much and will likely cause your audio to clip. The Edutige ETM-001 is a very seneitive so you will have louder audio coming into the camera just by usung the mic without any other adjustments.
Good: The ETM-001 is an omnidirectional mic so it picks up sound from all sides of the mic. This is perfect for my vLogging purposes because I can turn the mic towards me and talk and get nice loud clean audio coming through and when I turn the camera around to show other parts of the scene and narrate I sound exactly the same because the mic is picking me up from all side.
Bad: The only bad thing I have to say is that because the microphone is so small its easy to lose a handle on, drop, and lose. My first one I was trying to change the standard windpuff from the standard included version to the furry deadcat and I dropped the mic. The tiny thing bounced off the ground and over a walking bridge I was on and right into the water below. These units and small and this can easily happen so be careful.
Having compared the Edutige ETM-001 and the Rode Video Micro to use as vLogging microphone I have to say I prefer the Edutige. I like the Rode too and because the Rode is a unidirectional mic it iosolates your voice better but the mic and the deadcat are bigger than the GoPro itself. Also because the Rode is unidirectional if you want to turn the camera around and still narrate you are going to need to turn the mic around. That in itself doesn't seem like a big deal until you have to do dozens of times during a single shoot. The Edutige ETM-001 also is more sensitive so audio comes into the camera louder and its has a warmer bassier sound.
Bottomline, while I own both mics when I go out to shoot most of the time I grab my Edutige ETM-001 because it small, easier to use and sounds better in most situations.
To learn more about or purchase the Edutige ETM-001 microphone click here:
Or Here:

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dubiousfella : Was about to pick this one up from Amazon, but decided to check out a reviews first, and yours is the best review yet.

One question: Why is it called a "Dual" microphone? Does the "Dual" refer to the omni-directional feature, or something else? Also, isn't a globe-head or ball-head kind of omni-directional mic better and more efficient, since it is shaped to cover 360 degrees due to it's ball shape? Please reply ASAP so I can make the purchase. Thx.
Gave a thumbs-up for sure :)
Bernardino Receitas : Thanks per helper
DJ Bluesilver : Great video...I never heard a windscreen called a
Wan Aiman : Clear and precise. Thanks for the video.
Queen of DC : Thank you! Great details provided. Love, peace, and hair grease LOL! We said that growing up in St. Louis HAHAHA

Saramonic SR-XM1 VS Edutige ETM-001 | Full Comparison

Saramonic SR XM1[Amazon]⬇️

Edutige ETM-001[Amazon]⬇️

Edutige Wind muff[Amazon]⬇️

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This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links, I’ll receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.

Ivan Soria Vlogs : Between Edutige 001 and comica cvm vs07 which can you recommend.? Im stuck in this to models.
Conrad Neil Gatt : Edutage is much better in my opinion and thanks for the tests buddy ... cheers from Malta. Hope I will get a better sound on my upcoming Vlogs on my Channel with this Edutage ETM 001
I invite you to visit and Subscribe buddy ...

zantigar : LMAO: "You do stupid stuff to help other people." Super-great test and comparison of mics! No question the Edutige with its truly omnidirectional pick-up fits my needs. I also prefer its fuller deeper sound. Thumbs up to your video! Thanks a million!
We Out Here : Not sure if I like either more than the built in gopro mic.
Michael Bregman : Edutige is too hot. CLIPPING all the way. Terrible choice.




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