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Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw review

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The Powermatic PM1000 cabinet table saw is a great saw with high quality design and manufacturing. It packs a mean punch with1-3/4hp on a 115v volt plug. The only misgiving I have is that it does not have the saw stop technology that the SawStop table saws have, so I will have to spend more time practicing safe table saw usage to protect my fingers and hands.


⚠️Warning: Woodworking can be potentially life threatening. Do not attempt any woodworking project without familiarizing yourself with important safety information regarding the tools and procedures you will use. This video makes no attempt at covering all required safety and procedural information to safely replicate this project or to use a tool. Independently verify information in this video before considering it as fact. Assume responsibility for your own safety and well being. I say this with love and concern for your well being.
#woodworking #DIY
Randy Marshall : Great , a table saw "review" where no wood is sawn. Wonderful.
Şahane bilgiler : Hello my friend.
A very sturdy and high quality table saw. Thank you for the introduction and detailed information. See you. Stay healthy and happy. Big greetings.
Joe : How well does the dust collection shroud perform?
smcliffhanger492 : How much does this model cost.
Jim Feaster : Nice review

PM1000-URM eurailpool

Powermatic PM1000 table saw how to setup and review - I suck at woodworking

PM1000 Powermatic -
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Amana Tool - PR1040C Electro-Blu General Purpose 10" -
Amana Tool - 610800C Electro-BLU 10" Dia x 80T Trim blade -
Gustavo Oviedo : I’ve been eying this saw, Grizzly and Laguna. It’s kind of disappointing to have to do so much adjusting for a saw that almost cost $2000 USD.
Brian Doolittle : Just order the PM1000 10 days ago, the video will be a big help to set up my saw. There are very few videos for the PM1000, glad I found yours.
Mosquito aka Chris : Damn, you're not just dabbling in woodworking, you're jumping right the freack in with that beast lol
Barry Wallace : Thanks for your timely response. Couple more questions. Were you able to solve the problem with the back side of your fence rising off the table when locking the fence? Also, how is the dust collection? Thanks
Barry Wallace : How do you like your saw now that you have had time to use the saw? Any issues when ripping? Dust collection? I currently have a job site saw that struggles when ripping. Want to make sure the 1.75hp has the appropriate power to rip 2x4's and some hardwood. I am just a weekend woodworker but want to make sure my next saw has enough power. Thanks




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