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Bare Necessities: Minimum Diameter N5800

Launched at LDRS 32, July 2013

Not a shred. Nothing but the shock cord and the drogue parachute broke (until the booster hit the ground, that is).
3stoogesrocketry : Still a shred . Your rocket went unstable and lost everything above the motor .

Nokia 5800 | What can it do in 2021?

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k stoilov : I still use mine for music (xpressmusic edition).. no other phone can beat the sound quality connected to headphones or any home sound system !
GBANGYTツ- CoD Mobile : I remember when i was 3 my uncle used to have this phone back in 2010... used to play bounce tales on it lol
꧁ {•_•} ꧂ : The xpressmusic was the best series made by nokia. I still have nokia xm5320 and xm5800 and decide to reboot and test it after watching this video. Surprisingly, both is still working fine and good condition.
- RMZ - : Love these phones! Keep the videos rolling!
You Know Me : Bro, update the Symbian to the latest version available for the model. Except for ovi and Nokia related services like internet radio, normal modern webpage like GSMArena, Wikipedia, YouTube works flawlessly even in nokia s40 platform if we use opera mobile. I mean s40 released around 2011 and later. I dont know about earlier versions.

4" Minimum Diameter Rocket - N5800 - Kari Pill

2nd attempt of the Cesaroni N5800 minimum diameter rocket project
There has not been that many successes on 4" minimum diameter rockets on commercial N motors...

1) Has to be minimum diameter on Cesaroni N5800
2) Wanted to use frangible metals for fins, tubes, and nose cone (aluminum)
3) Ensure rocket does not shred
4) Recovery Safely
5) Get multiple flight data points
6) Get GPS data
7) Get video data
8) Paint it to cool sorta cool
9) High altitude/speed and surpassing the current TRA record of 44,623 ft

Was able to achieve 8 out of the 9 goals. Did not set the record but everything else worked perfectly!

4" Min Diameter Rocket
110" tall
Nothing protruding from rocket besides fin can, rail buttons, and shear pins (recessed switches)
1515 launch pad
Motor Cesaroni N5800 (20,146N-S)
Altitude 30,000ft (using Rocksim, with wind, temp and proper elevation)
Speed Mach 2.5 (2790fps) (1902mph)
36 seconds to apogee
Conventional rattle can spray paint
55lbs loaded
23lb vehicle
All aluminum
Guy Hardy Fin Can and Nose Cone (5:1 conical with metal tip, not fine point)
Bolt up fin can (brackets permanently bolted to aluminum tube and fins permanently bolted to brackets, then cut outs to see motor case to look cool and cut a little weight)
Nose cone shoulder aluminum, nose cone tip aluminum with plywood and fiberglass in the middle for GPS/Transmitter Antennae)
Aluminum Upper Tube
Nose Cone houses GPS and Camera
Avionics Bay (bolted to motor case forward closure) houses the separating charges
Perfectflite altimeter (free, thanks Perfectflite)
Marsa54, 50G
AIM XTRA GPS for altitude verification and tracking
CSI Radio Frequency Tracker
GO Pro Hero 3 (in nose cone)
Suppose to be Dual Deployment, single compartment -- nose cone
3 of 4-40 shear pins (115lb force to hold nose cone in), used small vent hold to relieve pressure in parachute compartment.
Rouse Tech CD3 Co2 at 25gram charge (equivalent to 5gram back power charge)
Backed up by 3.5gram black power charge
Co2 worked, then black power is negated (by servo disconnector switch)
Co2 and black powder are in front of main chute attached to shock cored (zip ties and tape)
36" Sky Angle Classic 2 parachute for drogue
AARD was supposed to hold in main Chute to 3500ft but pulled apart at apogee.
Single cord from drogue to main @ 30ft of 9/16" tubular Kevlar
Sky Angle Cert 3 -- Large main chute (35 fps under main)
Landed 4.25 miles away
Pulled 30g's off the pad and held!
Total flight time ~16 minutes
Rocket Named after my Girlfriend as "she is one tough pill to swallow"

Flying conditions
30,000ft altitude
Outside air temperature at that altitude: -40degF
Wind Speeds at that altitude: 40 mph
Jason Smith : Great job! Congratulations! I am going to be starting my Level 1 certification process soon. I've been flying Estes for 45 years. It's time!
Mario Panebianco : Awesome flight!!! Great job! Text book for sure!
Carlos Sau Dur : This is the most amazing video I saw !!!!!
mbhull27 : Totally Cool - love those in-flight videos people are getting these days. Very cool rocket indeed!!
patman0250 : wow man your rockets are super fast !! good job !!




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