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UFC 268 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington 1

Get ready for the UFC 268 rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington by watching their first fight back in 2019 at UFC 245 which won fight of the night honors. Usman and Covington headline UFC 268 at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, November 6.

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mmadigest : All time classic, Bravo to both fighters
CA PRASANNA : 00:05 epic staredown
02:50 classic exchanges
04:14 colby left shot
04:24 usman body shot that hurt colby
08:17 colby right hand
08:52 this exchange though
11:46 back n forth
14:36 usman hits colby jaw hard
14:51 the shot that broke colby jaw
17:47 the eye poke
20:10 I broke my jaw
21:33 colby dropping bombs
23:00 colby upper cut
25:24 eye poke and trash talk
26:20 stare down after round 4
27:16 colby hyping crowd for round 5
28:31 colby shot
30:48 usman rocks colby
31:23 usman knocks down colby
31:31 second knock down and hammerfists
31:42 AND STILL!!
That was the best welterweight fight I had ever seen besides the LawlervRory2. No takedown attempts, no wrestling eventhough both are great in the ground, straight up striking for 24 mins and 2-2 entering the final round!! Looking forward to rematch!
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : 5:39 Man these guys are crazy, gotta love it.
enmass90 : I feel like I got CTE just by watching this fight. What a banger. And a perfect example of why styles make fights.
Karabo Molele : I now see why Dana says this is one of the best fights he's ever seen.
It was absolutely madness here

Colby Covington said the UFC was going to STRIP Kamaru Usman...

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Chael Sonnen talks Colby Covington's comments on Kamaru Usman on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Duke22 : Cant wait to hear what Chael has to say about Costa coming in overweight and his comments on the interview between Costa vs Vettori.
Leon Corriveau : Love how CHAEL, a man with an odd first name himself , totally slaughters others firsts names. Blahull for example.
01fredm : I think if Colby uses the NOOM app, Usman doesn't stand a chance
Kai Roach : Chael: "Those are your top 3 growth fighters over the past year"

Prokhaev: "Hold my beer"
Pierre Binette : Chael is entertained by the fighters, am entertained by Chael, it's like an ecosystem of entertainment.


Watch the full rematch between Masvidal and Usman !
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Chris Fuller : I remember 30% usman and it took the last 3 fights to finally give him respect. Trevor Whitman made one of the deadliest welterweights of all time
Banana Rama : With 4:08 left in the round, Jorge is smiling
With 4:00 left in the round, Jorge is sleeping
Kevin S : Usman made the crowd look stupid and I love it
Eric Anderson : It's mandatory I watch this at least once or twice a year like the movie predator
Just Doinme : Masvidal looks spooked




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