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Review Sony mdr- NC033 Indonesia

Sony mdr- nc033

support noice cancelling
Omen : Sama moondrop spaceship enak mana bang?
Agus Kiswoyo : Coba bongkar driver nya bang,,, bsa ngga?
Hari Pranoto : enak mana bang ama nc31
B. Beny Setiaji : ini kabel pendek ya om...
Andy Streetboy81 : duhh tiwas rep tak jalok bang hehehe

Perbedaan Sony mdr-nc033 Black dan Sony Mdr-nc31 White

Sony mdr-nc033 dan Sony mdr-nc31
Sama2 pakai jack 5 pole dengan fitur noice canccellinng

Untuk hp selain sony dan player sony jika menggunakan iem ini harus pakai converter,,
Fendy Bocklat : Bedane ireng ro putih?
Agus Aizawa : Wkwk bener juga

Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-NC31

Get it!
English Rain : Excellent knowledge filled quick review man, keep up the awesome job! :D
Shehryar Ahmed : It works with all of those phones/devices which have 5-polled 3.5mm audio jack instead of 4-polled 3.5mm jack
Unfortunately Samsung,Apple,HTC like phones won't be supported
only Sony's Xperia Z2,Z3 and Z4 series will support them
The latest WALKMAN app by Sony which is currently running on android v4.4.4 and 5.0+ adds Sony's DSEE HX technology, enhancing the sound of your MP3, ACC or Music Unlimited Tunes, restoring the experience sometimes lost in compression by these formats.
But if u want the real soul touching Audio experience from the most advanced sound drivers installed in z2 and z3 series u will have to download your desired music file in wav (Hi-Resolution) format, which takes about 50MB of storage per song.
But the sound experience can really make your body shivering
Xperia Z2 and Z3 series gives u the option to specifically select optimized settings for different Sony headsets (Settings> sound settings>...)
ajoemar2009 : This earphone amazingly worked with my z2..very effective in trains and airplane as well.. But... Only one thing disappoints me.. It doesn't have a switch along the cord. This is quite annoying when there's a call.. You have to pull out your phone from your pocket and touch /swipe along the screen to answer the call.,same goes when ending your call. Any suggestions how to auto answer a call? Thanks
Comrade Americans : I was looking around for something and I found my mams old xperia box, proper old I remeber her using them when I was like 8 or 9 [as of now I'm 16] and I found these. I was expecting some okayish earbuds that'd last me a while, but eh a little better than the average because its sony, but damn these are pretty good. Granted, I have only been using these for 10 minutes, but the music really doesn't sound half bad, I'd say pretty good. Its wierd seeing this time capsule of a video.
roberto Thegreat : would be great a wireless version




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