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How to assemble a HDMI cable

Thanks for watching! You can find the tools and cable parts used linked below:
HDMI connector: https://bit.ly/2DV00vU
KáCsa Silverline HDMI cable: https://bit.ly/2V1nFRj
HDMI crimping tool: https://bit.ly/2J6Zcs0
HDMI cable tester device: https://bit.ly/2Vkft3D

HDMI cable assembly seems to be a challenge. Well, at first it is not easy for sure, but not an impossible task. We hope this video will help you to assemble your own cable at home! If there is anything you think we should give more attention in the next "how to" video, write a comment, thanks a lot!

Best regards from KáCsa Audió (Budapest, Hungary) team!
Edgar G : Omg you are brilliant man, I'm working on a project and I thought I would need to hire someone to do the micro soldering for me but this equipment makes all the job for me, thanks again. I'm gonna check your store to see if you have something similar for other cables
jose sanchez : Que habilidad trabajando. Gracias¡
Tanner Richey : I really thought this was going to be harder. Fanastic walkthough. I have made many ethernet cables and even some 8ga pigtails for 3 wire power connectors. I see some custom HDMI cables in my future..
Jordon Melvin : I was gonna cut an hdmi cable to the size i needed for a project but i think it would just be cheaper to buy one already cut to the size lmao i have almost none of the things shown in this video. but great video tho, pretty satisfying to watch it all come together and very insightful.
Richard Paul Robinson : Love the tutorial thanx

HDMI케이블 분해 2020년 1월 22일(3)

Rkfal bb486 : 뭐하는거임? 뭘보여주려는거?

무선으로 HDMI 연결하는 방법 (feat. 브이젯)

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